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Demand for a credible, efficient and transparent platform for buying and selling carbon offsets at scale has never been higher.

That’s why we started Tolam Earth: The trusted marketplace for high-quality, high-impact carbon offsets to help organizations reach sustainability goals.

We have diligently rethought every aspect of the marketplace. Every step we have taken is about scaling, and scale can only occur when we make the process of buying assets as easy, trustworthy, and seamless as buying off Amazon or Etsy.


Utilizing the Hedera public network, Tolam Earth ensures optimal supply and pricing to corporate buyers and maximum return to carbon project developers while allowing purchasers to quantify and report the impacts of their investments.

We hold a vision of a world that is carbon net zero by 2040. We are hopeful that this vision will be realized. 

We Stand for

Transparency, Trust and Scale.

Bringing Corporate Leaders and Project Developers into the Future, Together.

This innovative platform empowers organizations to buy and sell carbon offsets in ways that provide financial value in addition to social impact and governance benefits.

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Corporate Vision & Why Now

December 1, 2022 — Tolam Earth is building a new marketplace for digital environmental assets, including and starting with carbon offsets. We believe in transparency, visibility, and auditability down to our DNA. Thus, we have implemented the world’s first fully open source digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) policy workflow engine to ensure buyers know how the offsets are created.

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