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Carbon Market Transactions

Tolam Earth is the trusted platform for organizations aiming to reach their sustainability and social development goals through the exchange of high-quality, high-impactful carbon assets.

The need for a credible, efficient and transparent platform for the exchange of carbon assets at scale has never been higher. Tolam Earth simplifies the process and allows users to track and verify the positive environmental impact of each transaction.

Real, measurable action must be taken now to manage the climate crisis facing our planet. Access the future of the digital carbon market with Tolam Earth—and start making a positive impact today.

Real Assets, Measurable Impact

Tolam Earth’s Carbon Platform makes the exchange and retirement of carbon assets seamless, providing trusted ecological and financial data behind every transaction. This gives our users a full understanding of the impact they are making and ensures purchases support communities in a sustainable, equitable way.

The Hedera SIF Ecosystem is a $100 million fund that accelerates projects driving Climate and Environmental, Natural-capital and UN Sustainable Development Goal outcomes. It includes companies across green finance, origination, dMRV, asset verification and exchange.

Greenwashing may mean that the environmental impact of an asset is not as claimed, or that the finances involved in its purchase are not sustainable or equitable for the originators. Tolam Earth’s solution enables impact that can be verified in a transparent and trusted way.

Tolam Earth’s platform uses an open approach, underpinned by open source projects such as Hedera’s Guardian and the ARMM. This not only lowers the cost of participation for others, but it also brings a level of transparency otherwise not possible.

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Tolam’s Approach:

Equitable exchange of trusted, sustainable assets at fair prices.  

Payment Flows

Tolam Earth will enable payment flows that allow the share of money benefitting communities to be visible before the sale and auditable after the sale.

Assets are bought with an understanding that the transaction is supporting a sustainable, fair supply chain. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. So, Tolam Earth aims to give buyers the information they need to support the projects they feel are sustainable and fair.

By making financial information transparent on ledger, buyers will be able to see the distribution of funds prior to buying assets and verify that distribution has taken place after the purchase.

By showing the distribution of funds at purchase, buyers can be sure they are supporting projects that sustainably produce high-quality assets which make a positive environmental impact.

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Your Climate Impact Is Too Important To Leave In The Hands Of Others.

Start taking control of your organization’s environmental legacy today with Tolam Earth.

Scale in purchase, verification and reporting

Using digital-native assets, and driven by machine learning, Tolam Earth’s platform is purpose-built to meet the growing demands for scale and for higher data quality standards in the digital carbon market.

Tolam uses industry-standard data formats for asset description and open-source digital methodologies created by the Hedera ecosystem.

Having the right data allows the ecological veracity of a carbon credit to be much more easily determined and validated by third parties—meaning a higher level of trust for purchasers.

The use of standard data definitions and commonly applied rules means that assets can be understood, verified and compared at scale.

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We’re in this together

When it comes to protecting the environment and providing an equitable, transparent marketplace for carbon assets, the challenge ahead is formidable. Tolam Earth is working with world-leading partners to help forward our mission. From project leaders to developers and digital marketplace experts, it takes all kinds. Won’t you join us?


Through climate action, Allcot provides tailored and community-oriented solutions with economic, social and environmental impact.


At DEMIA, we are dedicated to enabling projects, auditors and certifiers to more seamlessly collaborate. We believe that by simplifying how data is secured, shared, and measured through innovative technologies, we can drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.


Evercity platform automates management, issuance and monitoring of sustainable finance. We make it easier, cheaper and more transparent for banks, funds, corporates and SMEs.


Hedera enables seamless tokenization of real-world and digital assets at scale, offering unmatched performance, security, and compliance for thriving tokenized economies.

Object Computing

Object Computing is a modern technology consulting firm with unmatched expertise in leading-edge technologies, including AI and Machine Learning, Cloud, Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain.


We empower enterprises, startup & developers that focus on Blockchain & Web3, to build, deploy, and manage innovative solutions with minimal efforts, cost, and risk.


CarbonX is an environmental software fintech designed to drive transformation to a lower carbon world economy by creating investment for carbon mitigation projects. In 2019, CarbonX combined with Zerofootprint®

DLT Earth

Founded through the collaborative efforts of the DLT Science Foundation (DSF) and The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund, DLT Earth represents a global grant program dedicated to advancing climate research, sustainable finance, and ESG reporting methodologies.

Envision Blockchain

Envision Blockchain Solutions build applications that unlock the value of distributed ledger technology. Having operated in the climate solutions space since 2018, they understand the nuances of sustainability markets through deep ecosystem partnerships to create tailored and relevant solutions.


BlockScience is a complex systems engineering, R&D, and analytics firm. By integrating cutting-edge research, applied mathematics, and computational engineering, BlockScience analyses and designs safe and resilient socio-technical systems.


Transforming data into sustainability. Enabling transparent, auditable, and verifiable decarbonization.

Swirld Labs

From the team that founded Hedera, Swirlds Labs provides development and support for the Hedera network, and is building open-source components for faster deployment of industry solutions.

Bringing Corporate Leaders and Project Developers into the Future, Together.

This innovative platform empowers organizations to buy and sell carbon offsets in ways that provide financial value in addition to social impact and governance benefits.

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