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Open Sourcing of Carbon Offset Marketplace Components Are Announced

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December 14, 2022 – St. Louis, MO — 

Tolam Earth’s mission is to create a credible, scalable, and transparent ecosystem for buying and selling carbon offsets and digital environmental assets. As part of its commitment to delivering transparency in a marketplace that is opaque to developers and buyers — and in its commitment to the HBAR Fund and Hedera community — Tolam today announced that it is open sourcing its current and ongoing developed source code on GitHub.

The marketplace will simplify the learning required for corporations to make large, secure purchase decisions in order to meet their carbon reduction, carbon neutrality, or net zero goals.

Tolam has now open sourced its: 

  • Automated Regression Market Maker (ARMM) 
  • Marketplace
  • Build, Test, and Deployment Scripts to foster community development

Tolam’s mission encourages collaboration to bring sustainability leaders and project developers into the future together. “We welcome new ideas and anyone contributing,” explains Matthew Porter, Tolam CEO. “It has been our vision to open source our codebase to help ensure our platform meets the needs of the growing carbon market. With a community of innovators around the world validating and strengthening our code, I am confident Tolam will deliver beyond expectations.”

Tolam will allow corporations to quantify and report the impact of their sustainability investments — and is built on all data in the ecosystem being transparent, digitally sourced, and auditable. Key to this is Tolam’s utilization of the most used enterprise-grade public network, the Hedera Hashgraph. Tolam’s exchange is API first to accelerate integrations that simplify this complex space.

Standout features that sets Tolam apart are the price recommendations and auto-purchasing mechanisms provided by the Tolam Automated Regression Market Maker, or ARMM, which drives optimal liquidity and pricing to both buyers and sellers. The ARMM has machine learning capabilities that know which attributes should be used to pool digital environmental assets and further recommends a price for the assets. 

Tolam believes that the process of buying and selling digital environmental assets must focus on simplicity, choice, scale, and credibility.

Tolam holds a vision of a world that is carbon net zero by 2040. Open sourcing is the first step. 

To contribute, connect with Tolam on GitHub.