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“We have this one beautiful planet; that’s our one home; that’s what we have to save.” — Jane Goodall at Washington University on Sun, Oct 9

Tolam Earth’s vision is a world that is carbon net zero by 2040. In order to hold global temperature increase to 1.5°C degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels, this means a 45% emissions reduction by 2030

Carbon offsets are positioned to counteract hard-to-abate activities that release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, and after reductions, are often considered a critical step in an end-to-end corporate sustainability or ESG strategy. Companies are already embracing this strategy. In 2021, the global carbon trading market approached $1 billion.

Now is the time for Tolam. We are building a new marketplace for digital environmental assets, including and starting with carbon offsets. We believe in transparency, visibility, and auditability down to our DNA. Thus, we have implemented the world’s first fully open source digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) policy workflow engine to ensure buyers know how the offsets are created. 

To ensure pricing for carbon offsets are valid, we have built the Tolam Automated Regression Market Maker (ARMM), which utilizes machine learning to enable efficient price discovery for highly complex arrangements of attributes such as project type and geographic location. This drives optimal liquidity and pricing for both buyers and sellers of offsets. The ARMM simplifies the learning required for corporations to make large, secure purchase decisions in order to meet carbon reduction, carbon neutrality, or net zero goals.

Our commitment to trust through transparency is why we are open sourcing our key technologies, including the marketplace and ARMM. Every step we have taken is about scaling, and scale can only occur when we make the process of buying assets as easy, trustworthy, and seamless as buying off Amazon or Etsy.

We are bringing the marketplace to life so companies can focus on climate outcomes rather than complex tools. This is how we build trust and transparency… and repair, protect, and serve our planet.

Join a future built on trust.